I get "Invalid XML" error when I try to upload to a2jauthor.org, but my A2J Guided Interview is running fine on LHI (or another server)

A2JAuthor.org expects A2J Guided Interviews created in A2J Author 4.0. Some interviews, created in A2J Author 3 or earlier did not contain the xml code the conversion tool in a2jauthor.org expects. The A2J Author 4 Viewer, running on LHI or another server, was able to handle older versions of the interviews. That's why the A2J 3 or earlier interviews are live and working now in the viewer. However, our converter tool is currently not able to handle older interviews. (There's a ticket in our system to add additional conversion assistance for older interviews right now.)

Does A2J Author 5.0 support IE 10 or lower?

No. A2J Author 5.0 will only support IE 11 or higher. That means A2J Guided Interviews created in A2J Author 5.0 will work in IE 11, Edge, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

We understand there are some organizations that have older computers, but the security issues raised with IE 10 and lower, combined with the fact that Microsoft is no longer supporting IE 10 or lower, have led us to this decision. 

Error 339 message when trying to download A2J Author 4.1.5

Version 4.1.5 is the last updated version of A2J Author 4.0. It was created in 2015 to fix issues that authors were having after th LHI rebuild. It is a minimal install and assumes that A2J Author 4.0 is already installed on the author's machine. It does not include the system files that are traditionally in a full A2J Author executable file.