Error 339 message when trying to download A2J Author 4.1.5

I get a Run-time error 339 message when I try to run A2J Author 4.1.5

Version 4.1.5 is the last updated version of A2J Author 4.0. It was created in 2015 to fix issues that authors were having after th LHI rebuild. It is a minimal install and assumes that A2J Author 4.0 is already installed on the author's machine. It does not include the system files that are traditionally in a full A2J Author executable file.  

If you are using a new computer that never had A2J Author 4 on it, you'll get a Run-time error 339 message if you try to run A2J Author 4.1.5. The message states that the component COMDLG32.OCX is missing. That is because it is missing. The A2J Author version 4.1.5 download does not contain it. 

In order to get A2J Author working on your machine, you'll need to download an older copy of A2J Author 4 which contained all the system files. You can download here

Once you've run that executable file, you can download and run A2J Author 4.1.5 here

If you are still having issues, please email