Known differences between A2J Author version 4 and A2J Author version 6

Here is the list of known differences between A2J Author version 4.0 and A2J Author version 6.0. This list is comprised of differences between version 4 and 6, not necessarily all pending bug fixes in version 6.0. If you have questions, find a bug, or would like to report a difference, please email

Phone number and SSN field no longer force a format on the user's input

Authors cannot turn off navigation

Variable types must match in order to add the variables together

True/False variables are Boolean now, so no quotes around "true" or "false" in logic statements

Nested repeat loops require an additional designation of the outer loop counting variable within the inner loop questions

Hyperlinks and Pop ups are now blue, not red

Arrows are used in the navigation bar, not "Next/Back"

Authors need to reset hyperlinks in order to force them to open in a new window. Otherwise, they'll open in the same window as the viewer. 

[Exit-User Doesn't Qualify] doesn't close the viewer window if the author has not included a re-directing URL

Can't use Flash video or image file types (FLV or SWF) anymore because A2J Author 6 does not support Flash


The Map functionality is significantly different. 

The Map functionality in A2J Author 4 was more robust. Flash allowed for real time visualizations of questions and greater flexibility with visual representations of the questions. We do not have the same capabilities in the current web based development platform. A2J Author 4 also had the Question List and the Map on the same Questions Tab. In A2J Author 6, we've broken out much of the question editing functionality to the Pages Tab. Our team is working on adding enhancements to the Map Tab, but much of the work Authors do should be focused on the Pages Tab for now. 


Variables List does not show if a variable is used in an interview without opening the Variable Editor for a specific variable. 

This is a pending bug fix ticket in our system.