How do I create Nested Repeat Loops in A2J Author?

I want to create a nested repeat loop in A2J Author to be used in HotDocs. How do I do that? 

A2J Author and HotDocs handle repeat loops differently. A2J Author has 1 digit explicit indexing for variables, which means that A2J Author only allows 1 counting variable at a time. HotDocs has 2 digit indexing, so it allows for a counting variable within a counting variable. 

Bob Aubin came up with a hack to allow A2J Author to create answer files that can be parsed by HotDocs into nested repeat loops. There is somewhat complex logic that must be put into A2J Author and HotDocs in precise order to make it work properly. Attached here is a pdf with screenshots of exactly how the logic must be done. Also attached are a sample A2J Guided Interview (created in version 5.0) that you can upload to your own account and work with, a HotDocs .rtf file, and the corresponding HotDocs .cmp file. 

A recording of a monthly training featuring nested repeat loops can be found here. (Placeholder for when video is available on