How do I host A2J Guided Interviews on my own server?

A2J Author provides you with the ability to self-host your A2J Guided Interviews. This is done by hosting the A2J Viewer, which plays the A2J Guided Interviews for the end users, and the A2J Guided Interviews on your own server. You can find instructions, our license, and the A2J Viewer in our Github Repository here


*NOTE: This does not include the ability to host HotDocs templates in order to generate a document. For that, you'll need to host your A2J Guided Interviews on LawHelp Interactive (the LSC funded national server) or have a HotDocs server. By May 2017, we'll include instructions in the Github Repository on how to host Templates created using our A2J Author Document Assembly Tool. Self hosting the A2J Viewer and the A2J Document Assembly Tool will allow you to create complete document assembly packages for end user consumption. To learn more about the A2J Document Assembly Tool (or A2J DAT), check out this page