New Page

The New Page function in the Question List allows authors to add a Question to the Guided Interview. To add a Question, simply highlight an existing Question in the Question List by clicking once on it and select the New Page button.


Note that an added Question will not be connected to any other existing Question. However, added Questions are assigned to a Step. An added Question’s assignment to a Step will depend on where the Question has been added in the Question List. Once added, Questions are ordered in the Question List first by Step, then by name.


In Figure 51, the added Question is entitled “3-Gender2.” This is because the Question entitled “3-Gender” was the Question originally highlighted when the New Page or Clone button was selected. Whereas in Figure 52, “1-Question 1” was highlighted at the time the New Page or Clone button was selected. Thus the Added Question has been assigned to Step (1) and is titled “1-Question 1 2.”  Notice also that A2J Author® automatically numbers the name of the Question. Later in this chapter we will discuss how to modify the names of questions (see the subheading Question Design Window, below).


Figure 51 (Above):  New Questions are assigned to the same Step as the previous Question.


Figure 52: The Add function gives an ordered name to the added Question according to what Question was highlighted at the time the Add button was selected.