The Pages Tab

(Last updated April 2020)

The bulk of  A2J Guided Interview authoring occurs under the Pages Tab (figure below). The Pages List and Question Design Editor are both reached by opening up the Pages Tab using the Pages navigation button in the main menu. The Pages Tab also contains a list of all of the Pop-ups in the A2J Guided Interview.

Figure: The Pages Tab


The Question List


The Question List is where authors will Add, Delete, and Clone Pages and Popups. It is also where the Question Design Editor can be opened to edit questions.

When authors create a new Guided Interview, A2J Author® automatically provides a simple blank interview. The blank Guided Interview consists of four Questions. The first Question, entitled “1-Introduction,” is a simple place holder for introductory text. The next two Questions, entitled “2-Name” and “3-Avatar”, respectively, ask the end-user for his/her name and to choose their avatar. The last question, entitled “1-Question 1” is a placeholder for the next question. The Question titles provided in the blank Guided Interview are pictured below in the figure below.


Figure: Blank Guided Interview Questions as pictured in the Question List under the Pages Tab.