Cloning Questions

The Clone function in the Question List allows authors to copy any Question in the interview. To Clone a Question, simply highlight an existing Question in the Question List and select the Clone button (Figure 53).


Figure 53: Clone function. Also pictured, Edit, New Page, New Popup, and Delete.

A cloned Question will only be connected to the subsequent Question in the Question List (Figure 54). A cloned Question is also assigned to a Step according to where the Question has been added in the Question List. However, cloned Questions are also given the exact name of the Question that was cloned, plus the addition of a number after it.       


Figure 54: Cloned Question (circled).


In Figure 54, the cloned Question is entitled “(0)2-Name 2” because Question “(0)2-Name” was the Question highlighted when the Clone button was selected. Notice also that the cloned Question is only connected to the subsequent Question.