Deleting a Question

The Delete function in the Question List allows authors to delete any Question in the interview. To Delete a Question, simply highlight an existing Question in the Question List and select the “Delete” button (Figure 53). Authors will also be required to confirm the deletion by selecting “Yes” from the popup window (Figure 55).

Safety pop up for deleting questions.png

Figure 55: Safety pop-up for deleting Questions.


Note that when a Question is deleted, the branching from a previous question to the subsequent question is broken. Questions will need to be re-connected via the Destination button in the Buttons section of the Question Design Window (discussed below).


The questions collecting name or gender should not be deleted. If they are, be sure to replace it with an equivalent. The [User Gender] variable must be collected to set the gender of the end-user’s Avatar, and collecting the end-user’s name up front allows the author to later personalize the interview.