The Question Flowchart Map Examined

This screen, which is to the right of the question list, gives a graphical map of the interview. Each box represents a single question. The background of the question indicates which step the question is in. The flow of the interview can also be seen on this screen. Transitions from questions are indicated by a line leading from one question to another question. Here is a screen shot of the intial template interview flowchart:

Visual Clues in the Flowchart

Blue "Start" circle. Indicates the first question in the interview. Can be changed by using the Starting Point dropdown list at the bottom of the screen. 

Red "Exit" circles. Indicates the ending of an  nterview. When an interview is exited the browser closes and the user is redirected to a URL that is configurable. 

Yellow "???" circle. Indicates that a button click has no destination assigned to it. A finished interview should not have any yellow ??? circles. 

Green "Done!" circle. Indicates the end of a successful interview. When this circle is reached the user's input will be tranmitted to the server. 

Purple "?" Diamond. Indicates that there is advanced logic occurring inside that question. The advanced logic can be either conditional branching or setting a variable to a value based upon a condition. 

Purple Line coming out a button. Advanced button option used for Repeating Questions. 

Black arrow that indicates that this is a repeating question. 


You can also zoom in and out of the map as well as print the flowchart from the area on the bottom right of the Flowchart area.