Question Flowchart Map

To the right of the question list is the question flowchart map. This screen gives a graphical layout of an author's interview.

Each box on the flowchart represents a question. The color of the shaded background of a question correlates with the step to which the question belongs.

To view all the questions of only one step, an author can click on the filter button on the questions screen and scroll down to select which step she would like to view.

Arranging Your Flowchart

Many authors arrange their flowchart in columns according to the steps in their interview. Each column in the flowchart should have 1-2 steps. This allows the author to easily view the interview, check for problems, and correct any errors in the interview.

Questions can easily be arranged simply by clicking on the question and dragging it to the desired location within the flowchart. Note: moving the question in the flowchart does not change the order in which that question will appear in the interview. To modify its logical location you will need to change the desired next or previous question under the buttons tab  or advanced tab  scripting in the question dialog box.