Importing HotDocs Variables from the Variables Tab

Importing variables from your HotDocs template is easy to do in A2J Author®.

First, it is preferable to use standardized variables in your HotDocs template so that other HotDocs template and A2J Guided Interviews® developers can each leverage the work of others efficiently. 

Second, make sure you have saved your variable components file associated with your HotDocs template in an identifiable location.

Third, open A2J Author® and begin a new interview.

Fourth, select the Variables Tab to go to the Variables Screen.

Fifth, import the variables from the HotDocs component file by selecting the file folder icon at the bottom of the Variables Screen.

Finally, after selecting the folder icon, you will "browse" and select the component file containing the variables you wish to import.

You will quickly notice that the variables have been added to your Variables Table.


Watch a Demonstration Video on Importing HotDocs Variables