Accessing Imported Variables During Development

Once you have imported your HotDocs variable component file, you can easily access the variable names during A2J Guided Interview development. Simply select variable names from the Variable drop-down menu under the Field Tab in the Question Design Window. See instructions below. 

After selecting the Question Screen from the main menu, highlight the last question in the list of questions and select add  () to add a question.

Then, double click on the question to get to the Question Design Window and select the Fields Tab


When you add a Field you will now be able to use the Variable drop-down menu to select a variable name.

Note: There may be times throughout the interview where you need to create A2J-specific variables (variables that will not apply directly to the corresponding HotDocs template). You can easily create these variables "on-the-fly" by simply typing the name of the variable in the Variable field, or by adding the variable to your Variables Table in the Variables Screen.

Variable field

Variables Table