Community Testing with LawHelp Interactive

UPDATE: We've completed community testing with LawHelp Interactive. A2J Author version 6.0 is live on our site, and LawHelp Interactive's production server. 

First off, thank you for your patience as we've undergone a huge re-write of A2J Author. 

We've now entered the community testing phase with LawHelp Interactive. Community testing will take place here on, and on LHI's RebuildQa server. 

Community testing is expected to run until mid-March 2017. During that time, if you experience any issues or find bugs with A2J Author, please feel free to reach out to Jessica Frank, our A2J Author Program Manager, at You can also fill out the Technical Problem form here

If you have any issues with LawHelp Interactive, you can contact Claudia Johnson ( or Mirenda Meghelli ( at LHI. To learn more about community testing from LHI, please check out their resource page

Instructions for how to upload and convert existing A2J Guided Interviews can be found here

Instructions on how to test assemble and upload to LHI's RebuildQA server can be found here

Here are known issues with A2J Author 6. If you discover additional bugs related to A2J Author, feel free to email Jessica. If you discover issues related to LHI, please fill out the LHI Google Form

Here are some Tips & Tricks for Testing

Announcement re-opening community testing