Using A2J Author to Develop an Online Intake Project

The resources below are for use by legal aid organizations seeking to implement online intake using A2J Author.


The Center for Access to Justice & Technology at Chicago-Kent College of Law provided a five-part training series on using A2J Author for Online Intake in 2011. 

  • Part I: Intro to Online Intake — How it works with A2J Author + Benefits & Concerns (April 21, 2011)
  • Part II: Project Phases & Management — How to organize an online intake project with time and resource estimates. (June 23, 2011)
  • Part III: Make It Your Own — Editing an Online Intake Script & Managing the Variables (August 18, 2011)
  • Part IV: All Things Technical — Hosting (where is your interview going to live) & Transform (how to get the collected data into your CMS) (October 20, 2011)
  • Part V: Up and Running — Where does the information go and what happens next? (December 15, 2011)


This information was gathered by other organizations and shared to benefit those programs getting started with online intakte.

Example Online Intake Interview Scripts

Examples of online intake interview scripts creating in a word processing software by legal aid organizations. Use these as an example of how to start your own script or start with one and make edits for your own program.

Sample Online Intake A2J Guided Interviews

Examples of online intake A2J Guided Interviews created and used by legal aid organizatiosn. Use these as an example of how to start your own interview or start with one and make edits for your own program. Save the files to your hard drive then open with A2J Author.

  • Legal Aid Line of Western Ohio (.a2j)
  • Legal Aid Society of Columbus (.a2j)
    Please Note: Ohio template(s) are not connected to a HotDocs template because they do not create a paper version of the intake application. This is why you will not see HotDocs variables, and why there is no component file included with the template. Ohio programs host their own A2J interview, with no connection to LHI.


Who is doing Online Intake?

Jeff Hogue did a survey in June, 2011 and stored results in a Google Doc here