Testing A2J Author 4.0 Guided Interview Locally

This tutorial will demonstrate how to test whether A2J Guided Interviews® will properly populate a HotDocs template. Please note that it is not necessary to upload your A2J Guided Interviews® to the LHI server in order to test the interview -- the testing process can be completed on your local computer.

In order to test A2J Guided Interviews®, you must assemble the HotDocs template with an A2J Author®-created answer file. An A2J Author®-created answer file is created by answering interview questions and then saving the answer variables while in A2J Author® preview mode.

When you are finished with the testing process you will have validated the following: 1) that your A2J Guided Interviews® are collecting all of the necessary HotDocs template variables; and, 2) that the variables collected by your A2J Guided Interviews® will properly populate the HotDocs template.

1. Open the A2J Guided Interview that you want to test. 

2. In order to test an A2J Guided Interview with a template, you must create a test "Answer File". An "Answer File" can be created by Previewing your A2J Guided Interview and answering the questions. 

3. Make sure your Variables Table is open when answering the questions to your Guided Interview. Once you have completed answering the questions, you may save your answers by clicking "save" on the Variables Table. 

4. In order to test assemble a document, you must now open your saved document template in HotDocs

5. After clicking the "Assemble" button, you will need to browse to your answer file. Then select "Add" in order to add your saved answer file to your library. 

6. In order to add an answer file to your HotDocs library, you will need to click the browser button and search for the answer file. 

7. Assemble the HotDocs template and A2J Author created answer file by choosing the answer file that you have just added to your library. IF you would like to quickly assemble the document without viewing the HotDocs interview process, be sure to check "Remember Selected Answer File" and "Bypass Assembly Window" before clicking "OK".