Steps Tab

You can create Steps under the Steps Tab by selecting the “Steps” navigation button. The Steps Tab includes a mechanism to select the number of steps, an editing function that allows you to name the steps, and a preview of the pathway at each step. The Steps Tab allows you to break up your interview into separate steps. An interview can have between 0 and 12 different steps. By selecting the up or down arrows next to the label entitled “Question steps”, you can remove any of the default Steps or add up to a total of 12 steps. After Questions under a particular Step are answered, the end-user moves one Step closer to the court house.

To access the steps screen seen below, click on the steps button.

Default Steps

The following are 4 default Steps in a new interview: (0) Access to Justice, (1) Do You Qualify?, (2) Do You Agree?, and (3) Your Information.

The Sign for Step “0” contains the default language “Access to Justice”. You can use this initial step to welcome the end-user and collect his or her name and gender. The default Sign for Step (1) is entitled “Do You Qualify?” Asking the end-user “qualifying” questions is usually the best choice for an initial step following the collection of name and gender. The default Signs for Steps (2) and (3) are entitled “Do You Agree?” and “Your Information,” respectively. These can be changed to correspond with how you have decided to organize the Questions.

Watch a tutorial on Organizing Steps.