Sample Exercise: Pop Ups

Sample Exercise: Using Pop ups in an A2J Guided Interview


This exercise will teach you how to use pop ups in an A2J Guided Interview. This exercise creates an A2J Guided Interview only and does not contain an A2J Template or HotDocs Template. The skills learned in this Sample Exercise will be useful in creating an interview that provides additional definitions and information at the point in the interview that the end user needs it.


The final A2J Guided Interview will look like this:



This Sample Exercise should be used by authors who have completed a basic A2J Author training. Training videos can be found on our A2J Author YouTube Channel (


  1. Log into your account. If you aren’t sure how to create an account, check out this resource.

  2. Once logged in, go to the “Author” tab and click it.  

  3. Then click “Run A2J Author”.

  4. A2J Author will open on the “Interviews” Tab. Under “Create a new interview” double click on “Blank Interview”. This will open up a blank A2J Guided Interview.

  5. Go to the “About” Tab and rename the title of the interview to Sample Exercise: Pop ups.

  6. Go to the “Steps” Tab and delete 2 of them. By default, an A2J Guided Interview comes with 4 steps. We’re only going to need 2 for this quick exercise. Name the steps as follows:

    1. Step 1: The Beginning

    2. Step 2: The End

  7. Go to the “Pages” Tab. By default, an A2J Guided Interview comes with 4 questions. Double click on the question 1-Introduction

    1. Question text: Welcome to the A2J Guided Interview created to show how pop ups work. Make sure to click on all the blue, underlined words. Those are pop ups that provide additional information to end users as they complete an A2J Guided Interview.

    2. Close the question

  8. Click on the New Popup icon

    1. Name it Name

    2. Text: To learn what the most popular baby names were the year you were born, check out this Social Security Administration web page.

    3. Add a hyperlink to the words “Social Security Administration web page” by clicking the hyperlink icon

Then typing in this URL:

  1. Double click on 2-Name

    1. Question text already is: Enter your name.

    2. Highlight the word name and click the P icon. This will open up the Pop up selector. Pick the Name pop up and click Change. The word name will now be blue and underlined to indicate it’s a pop up. See the gif below

  1. We don’t need to make any edits for this exercise to 3-Gender. That question is used to allow the end user to select an avatar to represent them on the path to the courthouse.

  2. Click the New Popup icon 2 times. We’re going to create two new popups to be used in the following step.

    1. Pop up 1: Name: Petitioner definition; Text: The petitioner is the person who is filing the petition with the court. They are the party that is asking the court to do something.

    2. Pop up 2: Name: Respondent definition: Text: The respondent is the person who has to respond to a filing. They are not the party who filed the petition asking the court to do something.

  3. Double click on 1-Question 1 in Step 2. Rename it 1-Definition example.

    1. Question text: Sometimes when you are creating questions in A2J Guided Interviews, you have to use legal terms because the court form requires it. For example, you may need to ask an end user if they are the petitioner or the respondent. The average person might not know what those legal terms mean, so they don’t know how to answer the question. By providing a pop up definition as an option to the end user, you make the experience easier for them and provide additional legal information at the point in which they need it.

    2. Highlight the word petitioner and click the [P] icon to add a pop up to that word. Select the Petitioner pop up from the list. Click Change.

    3. Highlight the word respondent and click the [P] icon. Select the Respondent pop up and click Change.

    4. Button label: Continue

  4. Create a new page by clicking the New Page icon (next to the New Popup icon). Move it to Step 2 and rename it 2-All done

    1. Question text: Congratulations! You’ve completed this A2J Guided Interview designed to show you how to use pop ups!

    2. Button label: The End

    3. Destination: [Success-Process form] (there is no form to process, but this way you can test the interview all the way to the end without an error message)

  5. To complete this Sample A2J Guided Interview, we need to connect all the questions now. To connect questions, you set the Destination on each question to the next one in the line. Double click on each question in the following list and make sure it’s connected to the next question listed as follows:

    1. 1-Introduction to 2-Name

    2. 2-Name to 3-Gender

    3. 3-Gender to 1-Definition example

    4. 1-Definition example to 2-All done

    5. 2-All done to [Success - Process form]

  6. Now it’s time to test your interview to ensure it flows as it is supposed to. Either click the Preview Tab or open 1-Introduction and then click the Preview button within that question. It’s best to preview your interview with the Variables/Script window open. To open it, when in Preview mode, click the “Variables/Script” button in the bottom left hand corner of the interview. This will open a panel where you can see the values that are being assigned to different variables, the path the interview is following, and the logic statements being evaluated real time. You can re-enter editing mode by clicking “Edit this” to edit the question you are currently viewing or “Resume Edit” to edit the question you entered Preview mode from.


Congratulations on successfully completing this Sample Exercise. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our A2J Author Project Manager Jessica Frank at