Release Notes for June 29, 2022 Code Push

New features: 
        Merge tool - allows authors to copy parts of an interview into a new interview (ex. take the logic from interview A, the eligibility step from interview B, and the template from interview C and combine them all into a new hybrid interview)
        DAT Template accessibility preview at the end of the interview - allows end users to preview their documents (made using A2J text templates) in a format that's accesible to screen readers before assembly into the final PDF

    UX changes: 
        Create new variables right where you need to use them - anywhere you use a variable, we've added the ability to create a new variable right at that point (instead of having to create them all in the variables tab)
        Auto complete in conditional logic for variable names and page names 
        Tabbed view added to the Question Design Editor - edit your pages using the normal scroll down method or try out the new tabbed view (more like A2J Author 4) or alternate between the two as you edit
        'Edit page' option next to the destination field on buttons to let you jump to that next page in the editor
        Full report includes all Learn More sections
        Reduce the gap after input fields and move the calculator and calendar icons in line with the field
        Logic will throw an error when a GoTo statement is incorrect
        More easily reorder fields with an arrow up/down


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