(Last updated August 2022)

Introduction to the A2J Authoring Guide

Welcome to the A2J Authoring Guide!


This guide is intended to give visitors, novice authors, and experienced authors basic instructions needed to use the A2J Author® software. This authoring guide is intended to be used by the web based version of A2J Author. It became available to the community in August 2014 and is currently maintained by the CALI development team.


A2J Author 4.0 is still available for download, along with version 4 of this authoring guide, here.


The Authoring Guide contains 15 chapters, most of which are organized by the features on the main menu’s navigation buttons: Interview, About, Variables, Steps, Pages, Map, Files, All Logic, All Text, Preview, Report, Publish, and Templates. In addition, we have included a brief history and introduction to the software in the introductory chapter. The heart of A2J Author®, and thus the Authoring Guide, however, is creating A2J Guided Interview Questions. Therefore, the bulk of the instruction in this manual can be found under the chapter entitled “Creating Questions.”  


While this guide may not answer all questions regarding the software or creating A2J Guided Interviews®, it should get you off to a good start. Check out other sections of the "Learn" Tab in the top header menu for further information and tutorials. 


Finally, the A2J Authoring Guide is a living document and we expect to make changes as the tool develops and need arises. So please check the Community Website periodically to make sure you have the most current version – the version number is indicated on the front cover of the A2J Authoring Guide. 


We hope you have lots of fun authoring A2J Guided Interviews®!