Chapter 2: Registering and Accessing the Authoring Tool

How to Access the Authoring Tool

(Last updated March 2020)


You must be an "Author" to access A2J Author's authoring tool. To become an "Author" you must complete a short form and be approved by an administrator. 

To register as an "Author" follow these steps:

Note that if you have already registered and been approved as an Author, you can access A2J Author by following the first two steps and then logging in. If you've forgotten your password or have issues with your account, please email 

  • Click on the Author Tab from the A2J Author homepage 

  • Once in the Author section, click on the words "Login/Register" at the bottom of the page.

  • Click the button that says "I want to create an account"

  • Fill out the form and create your account. 

  •   You'll receive an email from that is intended to ensure that you are not a spammer. Click the link to confirm that you are a real person and not a spam bot. 

  • After clicking the link to confirm that you are not a spam bot, you'll receive a second email from giving you a link to an authentication survey. A2J Author is currently available for free to all legal aid organizations, courts, non-profit organizations, and CALI member law schools. To ensure that you fit within those categories, we require the authentication survey. 

  • Complete the authentication survey and submit it. 

  • When you have been approved by one of our administrators, you'll receive another email that says you are now an "Author". Once you receive that email, your account has full permissions to use A2J Author. The approval can take up to 2 business days.


If you have any issues after those 2 days, please email