Backend Overview

The CALI A2J Suite can be described as a collection of 4 components:

1.)  A2J Author

The interface for creating A2J Guided Interviews (R). This is run on entirely in a users browser with data sent to the CALI servers as necessary. You must be an A2J Author to use this component.

2.) A2J Viewer

The program used to run an A2J Guided Interview (R). The viewer runs entirely in a users browser with personal data only being submitted to a server at the users request. This can be run on your own server or hosted on a platform such as or LHI.

3.) A2J Doument Assembly Tool (DAT)

This produces documents from the answers collected by the viewer.

4.) Analytics

CALI collects anonymized usage data provided to Authors to improve Guided Interviews. Matomo is used for this and all data is stored on CALI servers. No user data entered into Guided Interviews is collected.


Below is a diagram of the typical A2J setup


The setup above can be obtained by using a service such as LHI or or by selfhosting. If you self host you will need to configure and secure the server, download and host the viewer

(, install the DAT if you are producing documents, and write apropriate post processing code.