What is LHI and will I need it to use A2J Author®?

A2J Author® is a tool that runs on Windows operating systems that is used to produce A2J Guided Interviews® that will run in any browser. Out of the box, A2J Author® allows authors (courts and legal services) to upload and host A2J Guided Interviews® on the Law Help Interactive (LHI) server. The LHI server not only hosts the A2J Guided Interviews® so that they can be served to the public, but it also provides document assembly services via HotDocs.

In very simple summary, A2J Author® is used to create customized A2J Guided Interviews®. The A2J Guided Interviews® collect the information from the interviewee over the web. The interviewee's information is assembled (merged) with a customized template using the HotDocs services on LHI. The assembled template (court form, pleading, letter, etc.) is then presented to the interviewee over the web. The interviewee can then print the document which is ready for filing, etc.

Detailed information about the LHI server including who operates it can be found by visiting the FAQ at www.lawhelpinteractive.org.

Online A2J Authoring Guide (4.0)