How do I convert a 4.0 Guided Interview to a 5.0 Guided Interview?

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The A2J Guided Interview 4.0 has to be in UTF-8 to upload properly to A2J Author 5.0. 


Here is how to convert your files that won't upload to a format that will upload. 


1. Download and open EditPadlite (free text editor) 


2. Open your 4.0 Guided Interview in the editor.


3. Click the "Convert" button at the top of the editor. 


4. Select "Text Encoding". 


5. Select the second option that says "Encode the original data with another character set..." 


6. Select Unicode, UTF-8 under "New Encoding:" 


7. Click OK 


8. Save with a different name (like Forcible Detainer_A2J5compatible) 


9. Upload to 5.0 


10. You may need to refresh the browser to find it in your list of A2J Guided Interviews.