Copying Questions Between A2J 5 Guided Interviews

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We've been working with A2J 5 for a while now, and have started developing new content in the online tool. Our current project involves a 'dashboard' question which allows the end user to select from a list of interview modules. This question needs to exist in each modular interview (sometimes more than once).

Is it possible to copy our dashboard question between interviews using the online authoring tool? The ability to clone questions between different interviews could save a lot of time and effort.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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Cloning and sharing between Guided Interviews

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The ability to clone and share questions among A2J Guided Interviews is in our features request list, but it doesn't yet exist in A2J Author. 

You are able to have multiple instances of A2J Author open at a time, so you could copy and paste text from one A2J Guided Interview into another. 

You can clone questions within a singular A2J Guided Interview, but not across A2J Guided Interviews. 

We definitely see the need for sharing questions or components across multiple Guided Interviews and have that on our development plan. 



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